Combining brand universe and commerce platform for pioneers of industrial design

The challenge

Vipp needed a new digital experience platform that could showcase future products lines and effectively tell the unique stories of a strong heritage and a relentless approach to design quality. Aakjær & Co facilitated a strategic workshop and it unveiled that Vipp needed a new structural approach to their product universe in order to enhance the user interaction and the display of related products.

The solution

Aakjær & Co created a strong filter based taxonomy to match the cross category appliance of the ever expanding Vipp product lines. The new solution makes it easy to combine products into new groupings, and to support the intuitive customer journey we changed the checkout-flow to match the user’s needs for simplicity and effectiveness – much like the attributes of Vipp’s products.

The new solution also represents a strong bridge between products and relevant stories so that the brand experience and product features can live side by side and underline the quality represented by Vipp.

Aakjær & Co facilitated the UX process and carried out the interaction design – while our friends at e-Types did the brand execution, visual design and technical development.

We think the result is quite stunning ?

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