DIBS 2016

Optimising customer journeys in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Aakjær & Co have identified key digital initiatives for every important touch point.

As the strategic digital advisory partner for DIBS Aakjær & Co have helped them gain a profound understanding of the core customer journeys. 

The challenge

DIBS needed to learn more about the decision stages that their customers go through. DIBS wanted answers to questions like: What triggers the shift from product search to website engagement? What content do the users expect to be presented for at each touch point? What are the main behavioural differences between the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish users?

The solution

With DIBS' three nordic websites being the focal point for content activation and conversion we mapped out the primary flows and described the gaps between the most essential user needs and the available digital experiences. We combined quantitative and qualitative insights and applied them to a set of prioritised initiatives for each touch point.

Aakjær & Co will continue to work with conversion optimisation and KPI management for the client, and in the beginning of 2017 their users will engage in a range of new digital experienced that we have designed in collaboration with DIBS.

Our design projects for DIBS