Digital strategy

We can help you define digital business objectives and advice you on how to meet them. We create roadmaps with prioritised digital initiatives, and we build KPI frameworks to make sure that the initiatives are properly rooted in your organisation.

User experience advisory

We can help you create digital experiences that are relevant to both potential and existing customers. By balancing business goals and user needs we define the user experience that most effectively support your digital business. We map out the key customer journeys and advise our customers on how to support them most effectively.

Data analysis

We can help you monitor the performance of your digital initiatives. By building intuitive dashboards showing relevant data we create the user insights that are necessary for you to make smart digital decisions. We help you interpret the statistics and advice you on how to act on them.

Behavioural tracking & A/B testing

We can help you track and monitor the key interaction points of your users. By defining both hard and soft conversions we help our clients focus on what’s most important: Making sure that the digital solution generates value. We help you define the key interactions points that need to be tracked, and we perform A/B tests to determine what solution works the best.

Interviews & user testing

We can help you gain qualitative insights about what your users want. By asking the right questions and testing the key interaction points we make sure that our clients digital content and key interaction points are as relevant and user friendly as they can be.

Information architecture

We can help you structure your digital content in a way that matches both the needs of your core users and the competencies and workflows of your company. By building taxonomies and tagging frameworks we make sure that the skeleton of the new digital solution is both solid and dynamic.

Interaction design

We can help you design all the touch points that are necessary to build a digital experience that generates value. We sketch out navigation systems and define how the different user profiles interact with your core content. We also help our clients and technical partners with flowcharts, wireframes and user stories.

Visual design

We can help you activate your brand digitally. By developing digital concepts and engaging storytelling we make sure that the digital experiences you offer your users are relevant and inspiring – and aligned with your overall brand platform and company values. We design everything from websites to internal business systems, and we work closely with both frontend and backend developers.

Business optimisation

We can help you optimise your digital solution to make sure it generates as much value as possible. By producing monthly reports based on relevant data we supply our clients with pragmatic advice on how to keep their content relevant and in line with the defined business objectives and KPI’s. Based on these insights we recommend and prioritise specific activities.

For more information please contact:

Mads Aakjær Lauridsen

UX Director & Founding Partner
+45 3115 8822