LEO Pharma

Helping dermatology giant go digital in Boston

Aakjær & Co designed a new communication platform for LEO Pharma.

In the summer of 2016 LEO Pharma launched a Science & Tech Hub in Boston. The primary mission for the new hub is to engage in new academic and financial constellations and thereby push the boundaries for the way dermatology research is done.

At Aakjær & Co we were very pleased to be invited to facilitate the digital part of the American journey.

The challenge

The newly established LEO Science & Tech Hub did not have a digital communication platform to operate from, and the defined brand values and business objectives had not yet been transformed to a digital space.

The solution

We met the challenge by developing a digital communication platform that pinpointed - and ignited - the balance between the established pharmaceutical heritage and the new world of academic innovation. We used this platform to design a new digital solution that can open the necessary doors and connect the necessary dots for LEO Science & Tech Hub.

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