Sprinting toward a better sales performance

We helped Jabra develop a digital concept designed to help sales personnel boost their performance based on a strong brand promise.

The challenge

Danish based electronics developer Jabra is constantly looking for innovative ways of making communication simple and effortless. So when the Jabra sales force needed a new sales tool to easily communicate the product portfolio's problem solving benefits to existing and potential clients we knew we had to gain a deeper understanding of the users. As with all tools, if the users didn't embrace it the investment would be wasted.

This challenge called for a method that enabled heavy inclusion of the users in the design process while also complying with the company's overall branding and marketing strategy. Jabra wants to empower their customers to be even more productive so put simply: selling simple and effortless communication devices demand simple and effortless sales tools.

The Google Design Sprint

Together with the client, we decided to engage in a Google Design Sprint.

Basically, the essence of this method is condensing the development of a working prototype into just a week's work and thereby enabling critical business decision making early in the design process. By testing a realistic prototype at the end of the week you get data and valuable answers before spending resources on a full scale product development. As Google says:

"... You can fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions, before making any expensive commitments."

At the end of the sprint week the team - consisting of business developers, sales personnel, designers and programmers - knew exactly what the tool should do. And just as importantly, what it shouldn't do.

The Solution

The final design holds a strong focus on Jabra's performance optimising solutions addressing the pains that knowledge workers experience with noise in their daily working life. Every aspect of the journey from concrete pains to product solutions is important in the sales process so we added an e-commerce inspired feature labelled solution summary.

Jabra summary icons

The feature enables the sales consultant to save every aspect of the conversation during the sales process making it easy to export and send relevant content and solution proposals to the client at the end of the meeting.

The happy client

The project owner at Jabra, Customer Experience Director Brian Andersen, was a driven force behind the collaborative sprint combining Marketing and Sales strategies, and he sees great potential in our approach to digital tools and services:

“It was a real pleasure working with Aakjær & Co who quickly understood Jabra’s business objectives behind the new sales tool. Their UX- and design team engaged professionally in a value driven design sprint, and they demonstrated great skills and insights within user centred design during the project that followed the sprint. We needed a digital partner who could get shit done without losing focus on our business mechanisms within global sales, and Aakjær & Co did just that.”
  • Brian Andersen, Customer Experience Director, Jabra

We are extremely excited to see the results this solution will provide for Jabra in their future sales effort.

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